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A community dedicated to collecting toys and merchandise based on the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise.
Welcome to Gundam Get, a LiveJournal community dedicated to the discussing, buying, selling, trading, and most of all, collecting of merchandise related to the Mobile Suit Gundam metaseries. Merchandise related to all Gundam timelines (and anything in-between!) is welcome in this community. Post pictures of your collections, admire others' pictures, talk about upcoming merchandise, and most importantly, have fun!
basic rules & guidelines
Play nice and be respectful to other members!
Tag your entries appropriately.
Keep excessively large images and entries under a lj-cut! A good rule of thumb is to have no more than two pictures that are no bigger than 500x500px outside of a cut.
Sales posts are allowed, but please do not post them more than once every two weeks. If we feel that too many sales are being posted, a cap will be considered.
Unofficial fan-made items are allowed to be sold as long as they are tangible goods that can be displayed in a collection. Bootlegged merchandise may be displayed and discussed, but the sale of bootlegs and links to bootleg sellers are strictly prohibited.
This is a community for discussing Gundam merchandise. News related to upcoming anime series that doesn't specifically involve toys, episode discussion, icons and graphics, and other topics more suited for a general Gundam community will be considered off topic.

For a more thorough rundown of the rules, please refer to this page before posting!
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